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Pulaski County: Election Day information



Little Rock, Arkansas — 23,505 people have voted in the 2022 early primary elections, according to Pulaski County Clerks office.

Here is the breakdown of voters based on ages:

• 18-24 year-olds = 507 have voted
• 25-34 year-olds=1,176 have voted
• 35-44 year-olds=2,017 have voted
• 45-54 year-olds=2,921 have voted
• 55-64 year-olds=4,855 have voted
• 65-74 year-olds=7,411 have voted
• 75 and Up =4,554 have voted

An 18-year-old, India Hayes’s watched her mother vote growing up, and she’s ready to cast her vote.

“I feel like being able to vote is a privilege so I feel like we should not take it lightly,” Hayes said. ” The economy is kind of up and down, so these decisions are very important this year, and if we want something to happen and want change, you have to vote for change.”

According to Melinda Lemons, election coordinator at the Pulaski Election Commission, on Election Day, each voter has a designated location to vote, so it’s important for voters to check where they will be voting.

All voters will check in with poll workers and present a valid photo I.D., lemons said. “The first-time-voter can provide a photo ID, they can also provide a utility bill, a bank statement, [or] a payroll statement that has their address on it,” Lemons said.

According to Lemons, voters will choose to vote in the party primary election or the judicial general election. “I think the biggest thing with this election, not only for this election but knowing your ballot,” Lemons said. “The basic primary is the candidate nominating their candidate that’s going to run in the general election, that’s why this election is the primary election and the judicial general election.”

Poll workers will be able to assist bother first-time and regular voters with any needs they have, Lemons said.


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