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Randolph County man arrested for sexually assaulting a minor in 2012



Little Rock, Arkansas – The victim claimed that another incident took place one evening while she and many youth group members from the church were at Flanery’s home. She claimed that Flanery grabbed her and kissed her as she was going outside to retrieve something.

When the victim was late one night leaving Flanery’s house, she told deputies about another occurrence.

She claimed that while she was on the road, Flanery texted her, requesting her to stop on Highway 62. According to the victim, Flanery entered her car and started a sexual attack on her when she pulled over.

The woman claimed that after the incident, she texted Flanery’s wife, Gary Moore, a local preacher in Randolph County, about it.

The document states that Moore was questioned by the sheriff’s office regarding the claims.

Moore informed the authorities that Flanery had at first acknowledged kissing the victim.

Moore claimed that he afterward contacted Flanery and urged him to “swear on the word of God” and inquired as to whether the allegations against him were true.

Moore allegedly quoted Flanery as saying, “Yes I did, but I didn’t do anything to her that she didn’t ask for or wasn’t okay with.”

A court established probable cause to arrest Flanery on June 6.

He is accused of first-degree sexual assault, a felony.

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