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Red Cross officials give advice on how to keep your children safe on Halloween



Little Rock, Arkansas – This weekend, families will be out in the streets to celebrate Halloween, but the Red Cross has some advice on how to keep children safe.

Lori Arnold, executive director of the Red Cross Greater Arkansas, advised parents to accompany young children trick-or-treating, to only visit homes with porch lights on, and to use caution when around animals, particularly dogs.

One of the most important pieces of advice, according to Arnold, is that youngsters need to be able to see and be seen. That implies staying on the sidewalk in well-lit locations and donning makeup on your face rather than a mask.

“Consider having some reflective tape or some glow sticks on them so they can be seen in the dark and bring a flashlight. Having a flashlight with you means that the kids can see around them and people can see you as well,” Arnold said.

Arnold added that parents ought carefully to examine their kids’ candy bags for any strange items.

“Check any loose candy. Get rid of anything that could’ve been contaminated and if you see any brands you’re not really sure of or uncomfortable with, go ahead and take that out too before you let the kids chomp away,” Arnold said.

Arnold advised residents to keep the porch light on, clean the porch, and get rid of any items that can cause tripping hazards.

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