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Remembering Marion McCollum, owner of Stuttgart’s Mack’s Prairie Wings



Stuttgart, Arkansas – The world’s duck capital, Stuttgart, Arkansas, is well-known throughout the country.

“When duck hunters come to Arkansas they want to come to Mack’s and they want to meet Marion as well,” said former Arkansas Game and Fish commissioner, George Dunklin.

Because of this, many people are saddened by the passing of Marion McCollum, the proprietor of the renowned Mack’s Prairie Wings waterfowl shop.

McCollum, 81, died on June 22 after suffering a heart arrest.

“Marion was a guy you thought would live forever,” recalls Dunklin as he sobs. He was enormous in size.

Owner of Five Oaks Lodge Dunklin claims to have met Marion McCollum in 1988 when in need of help with a job.

Dunklin can still clearly recall McCollum’s opening remarks to him. They greeted each other with a smile and “What can I do to help,” before shaking hands firmly. That was the situation of the more than 40-year marriage of Dunklin and McCollum.

According to Dunklin, McCollum always behaved in this manner toward his loved ones, friends, coworkers, and clients.

The manager of Mack’s Prairie Wings is Chuck Lock.

He has worked here for 47 years since Mr. McCollum gave him a job when he was 15 years old.

According to Lock, McCollum was the most giving person he had ever met.

“He loved me like a son, and I loved him like a dad,” Lock said.

Father of McCollum, M.T., started the store in 1944, and Marion joined the business in 1961.

From 1995 until 2002, McCollum managed Mack’s and also held the position of commissioner of Game and Fish.

Dunklin claims that McCollum inspired him to take the position of Game and Fish commissioner in 2005.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to the Stuttgart First Methodist Church, the Marion McCollum endowment fund at the Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation, or the foundation’s general fund.

“He leaves an amazing legacy here on the grand prairie, Stuttgart for all of us to live up to,” Lock said.


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