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Remembering those who have passed on Mother’s Day



Little Rock, Arkansas – On Mother’s Day, many people visited graves throughout the state to honor the living while honoring the deceased.

“She was my everything”, Visitor Vicki Jones said about her mother.

Jones was one of many people who traveled to cemetery sites like the Arkansas Memorial Garden.

“My mother Ms. Geraldine Jefferson. Some people know her as Ms. Jule,” Jones said, “She passed away the day before mother’s day in 2020,” Jones added.

Families and individuals experienced difficult times as they took time to remember their loved ones. even on holidays, keeping to the promise to never forget.

“The memories last forever… You know God… He blessed us with that gift and you need to come out. Even though their spirit is gone with the lord and everything like that but they still need to be honored and mem… And just to know that you can come out here and still visit your loved ones,” Jones said.

Many people bring flowers, balloons, and other tokens of their affection, but one man who visits his mother and grandmother frequently contributes something extra. He entertains them with music and spends his own time with them. An homage to the times they had at home while they were still together.

“I feel when I come out here I’m at peace. It’s time to just think and reflect… Cry.. Laugh… And just spend time with my mother and my grandmother even though they are not here I can feel them… You know… I can feel them… I can feel them here with me.. Even though they are not here. In the physical they’re not here but I feel them spiritually,” Charles Viney said.

Saying “I love you” when you can’t hear the response isn’t the same, according to Viney, even when she is at peace in their company.

“When you have to come out here and visit her it hits a lot different. So if you’ve still got your mom cherish her… I’d say that to anyone who’s still got their mom,” Viney said.

A different guest described how she felt when seeing her grandmother…

“It’s a warm feeling once I drive up… You know. I get teary but… I know she’s in a better place now,” Mya Scroggins said… Encouraging all who can to honor those who are no longer with us.

“If you have a way of doing it… Do it… So they’ll know that they are loved,” Scroggins added.

All of these guests felt the same way… While you still have the chance, express your thankfulness to your loved ones.

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