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Rep. Monte Hodges is staying in Congressional race



Little Rock, Arkansas — According to Rep. Monte Hodges, D-Blytheville, he will stay in the race for U.S. Congress despite a nearly 20-year old allegation that never resulted in any charges being brought against him and a call from the chairman of the Democratic Party of Arkansas for him to not run.

Hodges, who appeared on this week’s edition of Talk Business & Politics, said allegations that he molested a then four-year child nearly two decades ago were unsubstantiated and he wants to clear his name publicly.

“They’re false accusations,” Hodges said. “It’s two decades ago.”

According to a 2003 police report detailing the incident, there was not enough evidence to bring charges.

A physical examination of the child did not produce any conclusive evidence of the alleged molestation and Hodges was never arrested or charged with a crime. Hodges did fail a polygraph when examined, but that would not have been allowed as evidence in court if charges had been filed, he said.

“I did fail the polygraph one, and I agreed to take it on my own because I wanted this situation to kinda go away because it was such an unbelievable situation for my wife and I,” he said. “They were false allegations. So polygraphs are inadmissible in court and there’s a reason they are inadmissible.”

He has been threatened with the allegation during several runs for political office at the local and state representative level, Hodges said.

Democratic Party of Arkansas chairman Grant Tennille is on the record encouraging Hodges to step away as a candidate for Congress, but Hodges says they just have a difference of opinion.


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