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Rescue workers find a hiker along the Buffalo National River who had been missing for a few days



Ponca, Arkansas – On a trail close to the Buffalo National River, rescue personnel discovered a hiker who had been missing for days.

Around noon on Tuesday, searchers located Clinton “Preston” Smith, 67, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, along the river, some 2.5 miles from the route.

Smith reportedly left after taking the Newton County Hemmed-in-Hollow trail. The hike, according to the rangers, started on Thursday.

At the trailhead, the searchers discovered his car. Emergency personnel are bringing Smith food, water, and first assistance.

The man has no serious wounds, according to Newton County Sheriff Glenn Wheeler. He could communicate with the search teams.

The area where he was discovered was reportedly walked by the searchers. They think he moved, making it challenging to find him.

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