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Rescued Conway bald eagle, euthanized



CONWAY,Ark.- A Conway police officer had a busy day searching the woods for an injured bald eagle.

The injured eagle was taken to a rehabilitation facility for care.

“He was very calm for a bald eagle,” said Rodney Paul, Owner of Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas.

The bald eagle was taken to the Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas. Owner of the facility, Rodney Paul said he’s taken care of 57 bald eagles in the last 12 years.

Paul said he’s seen injuries like this one before.

“From my experience in doing what I do- I knew immedatly that this bird wasnt going to be able to be rehibilitated and released back into the wild,” said Paul.

Paul said the eagle had horrible injuries. The left wing tip was missing and was infected.

“I did see the xrays, it was shattered between the wrist and what we would call her finger tips. All the bones were shattered and the bones in the very end were completely gone,” said Paul.

Paul had to make a tough choice and euthanize the injured eagle.

“It’s extremely difficult to make the call on a bald eagle becuase we have brought them back from the point of extinction,” said Paul.

In the past he’s nursed dozens of bald eagles back to health, eventually releasing them.

Paul said bald eagles can live up to 50 years in captivity but a lot of them don’t make it past 2-years-old in the wild because of injuries like this.

“It’s upsetting but it’s something thats necessary and has to be done,” said Paul.

Paul said the bald eagles body will be sent to the Eagle Repository near Denver, Colorado.

It will likely be taxidermist and Paul said, it could be used for educational purposes.

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