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Residents in Central Arkansas enjoy the return of sunny weather



Little Rock, Arkansas – After battling the rain over the weekend, Arkansans are making the most of the bright weather.

Michael May once remarked, “Disc golf is life.” You can either agree or disagree with every disc that is thrown.

On Tuesday, he made the most of the wonderful weather.

“I always want to go play, but sometimes the weather doesn’t always allow, especially recently, when you have a beautiful day out with the sun shining, you just have to come enjoy it,” May said.

Flooding forced the closure of Hindman Park for a few days. Even with the remaining water and soft parts along the route, they continued to play when it was reopened.

“It’s not always ideal but we will get out in it,” May said.

Gabriel Bozeman has performed in all kinds of weather, and the current conditions encouraged him to go outside.

“The weather’s beautiful had to get out and throw,” Bozeman said.

Disc golf is always a terrific option if you’re looking for an excuse to spend time in the sun, according to May.

“I think that if you need an excuse disc golf is a great excuse,” May said.

They are so passionate about this activity that they will play in nearly any kind of weather, but they would prefer it to be similar to today.


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