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Residents of a Little Rock area were displaced by varying degrees of devastation



Little Rock, Arkansas – We went deeper into communities while they were being cleaned up as we examined the tornado’s path and the destruction it caused.

An EF-3 tornado is an incredible sight and sound.

“I started seeing the flashes from transformers blowing, electrical lines popping, trees snapping and huge trees just smashing into the ground and making the ground shake,” a resident of one damaged neighborhood, Ben Vogelgesang, said.

That led to aftermath of destruction, “I grew up in this neighborhood, and if you dropped me here in the middle of the neighborhood, I wouldn’t know where I was right now,” Vogelgesang said.

Vogelgesang and his family were surprised to find little damage, but immediately next door, it was quite the opposite.

“It’s strange because this house in particular had minimal damage compared to the neighbors, their house has been destroyed,” Vogelgesang stated.

Ben claimed that in the 1970s, his neighbor constructed his house from the ground up; all of that labor of love was destroyed in a matter of seconds.

Ben acknowledged being grateful to know that everyone in his community is secure.

“We are very fortunate, I hate that there is so much destruction to people’s property, but man, it could be a lot worse,” Vogelgesang said.

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