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Response from North Little Rock to the murders of two teenage boys



North Little Rock, Arkansas – Marcus Blue and Alex Berry, two 17-year-olds who were killed in a double homicide, raised safety concerns for several local residents.

The murders happened on Friday, November 11th, on McCain Boulevard, one of North Little Rock’s busiest streets.

Reverend Michael Jackson, a resident of North Little Rock, claims that he now feels uneasy there.

According to Jackson, there needs to be a change in the homicide rate.

“It just gives you a bad feeling and it kind of worries my soul,” said Jackson. “It’s just not safe.”

What further steps the North Little Rock Police Department will do besides the investigation was also enquired about.

A statement from the North Little Rock Police said, “Officers with the North Little Rock Police Department regularly patrol the area where the tragic and unnecessary shooting deaths of two young men on Friday night, Nov. 11th, occurred. These patrols will increase as we approach the holiday shopping season. It is difficult, and near impossible, to predict with a high degree of certainty when and where violent incidents will occur. Our officers work each day to provide a safe environment for all of those who live, work and visit our city.”

Jackson was questioned why he believed these people were killing others.

“When they don’t have things to do, they find things to do, and a lot of the time they make bad choices and decisions that causes chaos and high crime,” said Jackson. “They need some more positive things in their life.”

You are urged to call the North Little Rock Police Department’s tip line at 501-680-8439 if you have any information on this homicide.

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