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Reviewing the tragic year in Little Rock



Little Rock, Arkansas – We reflect on a notable year for deaths in Little Rock as the new year approached.

There have been more homicides in the city than ever before, yet there has been some improvement.

Little Rock saw 70 homicides at the start of November. That number of fatalities marked the city’s highest annual toll in 1993.

With 82 murders, 2022 will go down as the deadliest year yet.

The most recent numbers from the Little Rock Police Department show that homicides are up 25% from the previous year and up 59% over the previous five years.

However, occurrences of violent crime, which include homicides, rape, robberies, and serious assault, are declining 9% overall. Something about which the mayor’s office is proud.

Aaron Sadler, a spokesperson for the mayor, released a statement:

“That’s a testament to the commitment of Mayor Scott, the Board of Directors, the Little Rock Police Department, and public safety advocates across the City who are focused on violence reduction. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a higher number of homicides this year as illegal guns continue to proliferate in our neighborhoods and people wrongly turn to violence to solve conflicts. In 2023, we will intensify our efforts to reduce crime and homicides using the comprehensive strategies that have us moving in a positive direction.”

What will be done to maintain this progress in the upcoming year?

The city has prioritized community policing and added posts for social workers inside the LRPD in addition to raising the department’s pay.

Several community programs that try to help reduce crime have received funding from the City of Little Rock.

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