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Robbery shakes community amid holiday shopping season



Little Rock, Arkansas – On May 20, the Riverdale Shopping Center was repurchased. The shopping center is undergoing redevelopment at the moment.

T.J. and J. are the two purchasing partners. The owners of Eat My Catfish and Lefler Capital are Travis Hester and Lefler.

With more than $500K invested in landscaping, a new facade on the site, a new pylon sign, a new parking lot, and new signs, the renovations will be finished, and the movie theater will have a new outside.

Goodwill, a significant business, will open its 37th outlet at the shopping center on December 8. They promised they wouldn’t miss this place.

“We believe this store will catapult all of our Little Rock surrounding stores for Goodwill – it’ll be one of our best.” S.V.P and C.O.O of Goodwill, Trent Wuenstel, said.

The community will have access to a career service center at this Goodwill store.

“I think the most exciting thing about having a store in a location in a community is not just the retail environment we have, but we’re also part of the community.” he said.

One of Hester’s purchasing partners, the Eat My Catfish franchise, is another addition to the shopping center.

“This location is different, we have one in North Little Rock, and Little Rock – but this is in the middle of those” Hester said.

Along with the newly added businesses, the existing stores will stay.

Lefler stated that as development progresses, he anticipates other storefronts to join.

Regarding the completion date of the improvements, we are in the dark.

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