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Root Cafe in Breckenridge Village soon



Little Rock, Arkansas – For years, the Root Cafe, owned by Jack and Corri Bristow-Sundell, has been a Little Rock favorite, and now it will be getting a second location in Breckenridge Village.

The Root Cafe is a farm-to-table style restaurant that is mainly known for its locally sourced ingredients. It is located in the SoMa district in downtown Little Rock.

The Root Cafe has been featured on Food Network’s hit television show, “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” as well as in various publications.

Many people may have been wondering about what’s to come next for them since the restaurant has been such a huge success.

According to restaurant owner Jack Sundell, “We will be working toward opening a second Root Cafe location in Breckenridge Village, right next to the planned Deluca’s Pizzeria.”

During the past couple of years, the Sundells have not only been the owners of The Root Cafe but they have also been running a second successful business, Mockingbird Bar & Tacos.

Now, the owners have decided to sell their second business, so that they can better focus on their new endeavors.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to focus on this new project and pass Mockingbird on to someone who is ready to give it the love and attention it deserves. Johnny Campbell and his chef Buddy Seals and manager Joe Einhorn have impressed us with their enthusiasm, business acumen, and strong desire to be part of the SoMa business community,” said Jack Sundell.

Mockingbird Bar & Tacos will now be owned by Johnny Campbell, as well as Harry and Joe Einhorn.

“We will be great stewards of the community that surrounds us as we are with our current operations. We support numerous charitable organizations and feel as owners/operators that this is part of our calling,” said Campbell.


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