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Seniors of Mount St. Mary Academy participate in a special graduation ceremony



Little Rock, Arkansas – For seniors, the end of the school year signifies graduation, prom, and honor award presentations. One senior believed she would be forced to miss these memorable events.

Peyton Lasseigne goes through her locker one last time as the bell for dismissal approaches.

“I’m going to miss some of my teachers and seeing my friends consistently,” Lasseigne said.

Seniors at Mount St. Mary Academy are getting ready for graduation, a great occasion that wasn’t on Peyton’s calendar until last week.

“I guess I was just going to get my certificate mailed to me, but I wasn’t going to go to the ceremony or anything,” Lasseigne said.

Being on the autism spectrum, the teenager would have a sensory overload at such a large gathering.

“Whether it was walking across the big stage at graduation or going to prom, or going to a pep rally, it wasn’t about me, it was about what Peyton wanted and what made Peyton happy,” Peyton’s mom Kelly Lasseigne said.

The historic event was about to be missed, but then something changed in the schedule.

“We reached out to her mom, and we were like hey what do you think about just doing a private ceremony?” Sarah Jones, Head of School for Mount St. Mary Academy said.

Peyton experienced her moment this week, surrounded by her closest friends and relatives.

“It just showed Peyton that there are people in the world that do appreciate you and will do things to help you throughout your life,” Kelly Lasseigne said.

Moments are noted, and a chapter comes to an end, but Peyton will carry these lessons with her long after she exits these doors.

“Be who you are, do what you need to do, and people will love you and support you,” Kelly Lasseigne stated.

Peyton claims that even though she has already graduated, she is still spending her last few days at school with her friends.

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