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Shelters in the area get ready to feed and house people for the holidays



Little Rock, Arkansas – As Thanksgiving draws near, local shelters are getting ready to feed hundreds of people in the neighborhood.

The Little Rock Compassion Center is one shelter that is improving the area.

The Compassion Center has provided food and shelter to those in need since 1998. These days, this shelter offers 200 beds per night and more than 600 meals.

This holiday season, they’ll give even more.

“Usually fix about 120 turkeys for thanksgiving. We feed all the way from Thursday up to Sunday Thanksgiving dinner because there’s so many people out of work or because there’s no other place open. So what they do… A lot of places open up during the first part of the week but by Thursday they have closed up and most people come out here at that time to eat with us,” Compassion Center CEO, William Holloway, said.

For its separate women’s and men’s shelter visitors, the Compassion Center offers beds, showers, clean clothes, meals, and necessities throughout the day. Anybody in need is encouraged to come by, especially during the holidays.

“First of all thanksgiving there’s more people that commit suicide during Thanksgiving and Christmas than there is any other time of the year. And actually when you’re out there all alone during these holidays it is very easy to become very depressed. If it weren’t for places like the compassion center and other places who do this type of ministry and work… Then a lot of these people would have no place to go or no place or no place to eat or no place to sleep,” Holloway said.

The community is also welcome to stay warm throughout the chilly winter months at this drug, drink, and weapon-free refuge.

“When you’re out there by yourself it’s very hard. And to come into a place where there’s people at and to be around other people can certainly help people that are depressed. And to stay away from that drugs and alcohol and come see us and find out about Christ,” Holloway said.

First come, first served for beds. Any donations and volunteer assistance are appreciated by the compassion center.

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