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Sheriffs in Garland County are looking into the possibility that the “possible human remains” they uncovered are those of Amir Ellis



Garland County, Arkansas – Eight months have passed since the abduction of Amir Ellis, the 20-year-old son of Jessica Ellis.

Three persons whom Hot Springs police suspect were involved were taken into custody a few weeks after he vanished.

Over the past eight months, Jessica Ellis has organized almost a dozen searches with large crowds of community people in an attempt to locate her son Amir’s remains.

“Knowing that somebody hurt him, it’s terrible. But not knowing where he is has been the hardest part, so this closure for me is what I need,” said Ellis.

Officers were called to a location off Hwy 7 North at approximately 1:00 p.m. on Saturday due to reports of “possible human remains” in the area, according to the Garland County Sheriff’s Office. The caller met them when they got there and led them to the location where they were discovered.

To gather the remains, both the Garland County Coroner’s Office and the Garland County Criminal Investigation Division were dispatched to the location.

Ells reported asking investigators if Amir might be the culprit.

“What I wanted [detectives] to answer for me, once he went to see what was going on was what he felt. And so his words to me was that it’s likely,” Ellis said.

After that, the remains were forwarded to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for identification by DNA testing and to ascertain whether or not they were human remains.

“I do want it to be Aimir, I don’t want it to be Amir, because this is one part of it that I don’t think I can do again,” Ellis added.

The Ellis family has been grieving the loss of Amir, his potential murder, and the legal cases throughout the previous eight months while they have been searching the woods.

Jessica is now hoping that her family can have a resolution before Christmas.

“There’s no way we could ever search every single one and go as deep as we all need to so I just I’m so grateful and I’m just so hopeful that my baby is about to be back home,” Ellis said.

Ellis emphasized that despite everything, she will always preserve Amir’s legacy through stories for his six-month-old kid and pictures scattered over the home.

“[I’ll tell him] how loved his dad was, and is. He’s always going to be very relevant and a part of this family. Very relevant, whether here in the physical, or not,” Ellis said.

It is recommended that anyone with information on Amir’s case contact the Garland County Sheriff’s Office at (501) 622-3660.


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