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Shopping small, making a big impact



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Small company owners want to have an impact over the approaching holiday season.

Shoppers should support small businesses on Small Business Saturday, according to small business owners. They claim that supporting small businesses instead of national chains supports the neighborhood.

“It helps us reinvest in the community as well, if people are spending money in my store, then I have money to spend in their stores and my employees have a job and they can invest in the community as well,” said Teresa Beck, owner of Full Sun Gifts.

According to Beck, customers have a better overall shopping experience when they buy locally since they are dealing with a member of their community and local company owners go above and beyond to satisfy their clientele.

The money the community spends at neighborhood shops can support a neighbor rather than a major retailer, according to Sari Harlow, owner of Verb Bookstore. She added that encouraging neighborhood businesses is a great way to bring people together.

“It’s an opportunity for people to really invest in their local community, you can always shop at big stores, you can probably get better prices, but you aren’t supporting your neighbors like you are on small business Saturday,” Harlow said.

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