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Son receives kidney donation from mother



Cabot, Aransas – Right before Christmas, a Cabot lady gave her needy son a kidney donation.

In February 2012, Kenneth Grantham received a diagnosis of IGA Nephropathy, an incurable kidney condition.

Grantham stated that his kidneys finally became life-threatening this past year, despite receiving treatment for years and feeling well.

“It put me out of work. Once I started dialysis, and those four months, it was a real setback mentally and physically,” Grantham said.

However, in November, the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences in Little Rock granted permission for the mother and son to undergo a transplant procedure on December 3.

“It’s something a mom does. Do you know people say, ‘How could you do that,’ and I say, ‘How could you not do that?’” said Grantham’s mother, Karen Wright. “It’s your kid, it’s what you’re supposed to do.”






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