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Soon, the state capitol grounds will host the Monument to the Unborn



Little Rock, Arkansas – One monument that is intended to commemorate the repeal of Roe v. Wade is still under opposition from the state legislature.

The Monument to the Unborn’s placement on the site was formally approved by the Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission only this past week. It won’t happen for a while because there is still a lot of preparation to be done, but left-wing leaders have stated that it is not only unnecessary but also harmful.

Andrew Collins, a Democratic state representative from Little Rock and the incoming House Minority Leader, stated that he doesn’t think it’s appropriate to have anything like this on the legislative grounds.

In 2023, Sen. Kim Hammer and State Representative Mary Bentley, both Republicans, proposed the initial version of the measure.

“For many people, it’s very important,” Bentley added. “Every year, there is an enormous turnout for the March for Life.”

Furthermore, an abortion amendment is circulating in Arkansas and may appear on the ballot for voters in November 2024 if enough signatures are collected.

Arkansas would have access to abortions thanks to the initiative. Bentley is still opposed to it, but Collins believes that if it passes, it will also only cause problems for the monument.

They will now begin the monument’s fundraising phase, and Bentley expressed confidence that it won’t be difficult to acquire the necessary funds around the state before they begin construction.


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