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Students from Dillard University and Philander Smith College are working together to aid those affected by the tornado



Little Rock, Arkansas – It is a narrative of positivity that has come from a story of brokenness, and it is made possible by students in another state lending helping hands in the aftermath of the tornadoes that occurred on March 31.

Dillard University students in New Orleans, Louisiana, such as Spencer Jones and Paulina C. Webber, are stepping up to assist others as part of a collaborative effort with Philander Smith College in Little Rock.

The kids are already gathering essential items such as clothing and toiletries to deliver to those in Arkansas who have been devastated by the recent tornadoes.

Webber stated that it is a means to pay the favor back to Arkansas after Louisiana got assistance from Philander Smith College during its times of need during Hurricane Katrina and subsequently Hurricane Ida. Webber said that it is a way to return the favor back to Arkansas.

“Just those full-circle moments of helping one another out and repaying them for the help they’ve given us over the years,” Webber said.

Webber went on to say that the idea to assist stemmed from their previous efforts to assist those in need in the aftermath of the tornado that struck Rolling Fork, Mississippi. Many of the funds that were sent to Arkansas were the result of an outpouring of support that was shown for Mississippi.

Jones and Webber are connected to the state of Arkansas in some way. They both stated that although they attend school in Louisiana, a significant portion of their hearts remain in Arkansas, which made it simple for them to offer assistance during this time of need.

“Our university mission statement is to cultivate leaders who live ethically, think and communicate precisely, and act correctly to make the world a better place,” Jones said. “When you have a mission statement like that… you have no choice but to create social activists, and social changes, and social pioneers.”

Around three in the morning on Wednesday, a moving truck is going to start making its way to Louisiana. Students will be responsible for packing up the truck, and then on Wednesday night, it will be driven back to Arkansas so that everyone may unload the donations.

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