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“Super-Natural State” each Monday in October



Little Rock, Arkansas – In the weeks leading up to Halloween, the focus turns to all things frightening.

However, in a state with as much history as Arkansas, strange things can happen at any time of the year.

The four-part “The Super-Natural State” series, which premieres next Monday, October 10th, takes viewers to a different allegedly haunted Arkansas area every week.

Each location has a unique narrative to tell, as well as a unique ghost seeking to make their presence known. These locations range from a haunted cemetery in Lonoke County to the Old State House, a historical landmark in North Little Rock to a theater in Hot Springs.

A team of skeptics journeys around Arkansas in search of the unexplainable and to discover how out of the ordinary things can be.

Proof of afterlife? Or shadow and sound tricks? As we examine the twisted and dark past of the Super-Natural State, you decide.

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