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Teen from Arkansas works for years to increase access to hygiene goods



Little Rock, Arkansas – A young person from Piggott, Arkansas, is providing her community with much-needed supplies.

Girl Scout Jacquline Clark decided to work on a project that will give every girl confidence as she matures.

In Piggott, there are two lockers at the intersection of South Second Avenue and West Court Street.

Essentials for personal hygiene, such as liners and baby wipes, are available when you access the lockers.

“While you’re driving by it does just look like a locker, but if you actually take the time to come and stop by and look and open it up you’ll actually see it is something you can grab and donate,” Clark said.

She claimed she wished to provide these necessary products to the ladies in her community, especially young girls.

“Whenever you are in your teenage years and it is that time and you’re just starting and you don’t want to tell your mom and you’re around Piggott and you don’t want to go to the store or anything,” Clark said. “This is extremely helpful because you can just go get what you need.”

She claimed that in Piggott, some products can be difficult to locate. The effort has made it simpler to locate those products.

“I saw that there was a need in the community for stuff to be more accessible, because in the stores sometime you can’t find what you are needing especially here in Piggott,” Clark said. “While it’s here it is easier to come to get.”

It took three years and fifty hours of effort, according to Clark.

When difficulties arose, Clark claimed that knowing it would benefit someone whom she would call a neighbor motivated her to the finish line.

“The prices of wood got too high and we had a little issue in that area so we had to find something else, luckily one of our good friends donated this locker,” she said.

Since a few weeks ago, the lockers have been supplied and are available to the public.

Although everyone is welcome to give at any time, according to Clark, the response has been excellent and the lockers are now performing well in the neighborhood.

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