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The American Red Cross is in need of donations due to a shortage of blood



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Many people are suffering across the nation as a result of the blood scarcity. But even just giving blood in your neighborhood can make a difference.

The American Red Cross is holding blood drives to help individuals in need to address the shortage.

A donation can benefit anybody in need across the nation, not just those in the immediate area.

“Red Cross is unique in that it can move blood supply to where it’s needed most,” said Executive Director of the Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas Micheal Sullivan, “So when we have a blood shortage, that doesn’t mean we aren’t able to cover the needs of our local hospitals, but that just means we need to pull together as a community to give our blood to help others, not just here in our community, but across the nation as well.”

Sullivan stated that although all blood types are vital, there is one in particular that they require the most.

“We are especially in need of type O blood and so we encourage those donors to sign up immediately and find a donor near them. Of course, we’ll take any blood donations as we continue to work to fight the shortage.”

Forty percent of the blood supply in the country comes from the American Red Cross. According to Sullivan, this is the reason the community must take action.

“So it’s so important that in times of shortage, we step up as a community to make sure that supply is there if someone needs it.”

You can search for a nearby blood drive by going to their website or giving them a call at 1-800-REDCROSS if you would like to donate blood.

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