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The Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Monument received two additional names



Little Rock, Arkansas – Two people who died while performing their job are being honored by a group of friends, families, and firemen.

The Arkansas Fallen Firefighters’ Monument outside the State Capitol received additional names on Saturday.

Firefighters from all around the state traveled to Little Rock to honor and remember two firefighters who passed away too soon as music played in the background.

“They made such a difference,” Arkansas Fire Training Academy Director Rachel Nix said.

“Jerry Robinson of North Little Rock, and Everett Watson of Calvert Township Volunteer fire department,” board member for the Arkansas Fallen Firefighters’ Memorial, Jackie McKeller Warren said.

On Saturday, their names were added to the list of those who made the ultimate sacrifice on the Arkansas Fallen Firefighters’ Memorial.

“There are 130 names on our wall. We honor the firefighters each year, and then we go back all the way to 1889 to the first firefighter who died in the line of duty in fort smith,” Warren said.

After each name, roses were arranged on the memorial.

“We just want to be sure that they know their sacrifices will never be forgotten,” Warren stated.

Jerry Robinson reportedly took classes from Rachel Nix at the Arkansas Fire Training School. Robinson was a man who enjoyed his work, according to Nix.

“He was such a dedicated person; he was very serious about doing his job and learning the skills because those were the things that were going to make him successful for the community and take care of his brothers at the fire department,” Nix said.

Everette Watson, according to Nix, was a big assistant at the fire academy.

“He fought for the fire academy, he fought for the fire service, and he made sure that his people were trained, and they knew their job so they could perform safely,” Nix stated.

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