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The Brookland sports facility will soon see the start of construction



Brookland, Arkansas – A project in Brookland that is expected to cost multiple millions of dollars is finally making headway.

The work with the dirt is scheduled to start on Thursday, March 23 of this year, as stated by the Brookland Parks Committee, provided the weather cooperates.

After a resolution by the city council in September 2022 to reject bids to construct the facility just west of Highway 49, the undertaking was shelved for the time being.

The committee announced the delay in the construction of two smaller parks due to bids that were more expensive than expected in a post on social media.

It was stated that rather than bidding on each park as a whole, it will divide the bidding process into multiple phases in order to increase the level of competition.

Within the next thirty days, the city will resubmit requests for bids.

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