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The mayor of Little Rock announces the third attempt to enact a new sales tax



Little Rock, Arkansas – “We are going to be even more intentional about getting things done. Why? Because results are for the rock,” said Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr.

“Results for the Rock” was Mayor Scott’s catchphrase during his State of the City speech.

This tagline was accompanied by fresh concepts for the city in 2024.

The announcement of Mayor Frank Scott Jr.’s third attempt to enact a new sales tax was one of the major events of the speech. The port, infrastructure, and public safety will be the main topics of the plan.

“More results require more capital [and] more money,” said Mayor Scott.
Public safety was once again the mayor’s number one priority and he celebrated 2023’s decrease in homicides and the addition of more 911 dispatchers.

He stated that the city has been collaborating with Entergy to increase street lighting, and he wants police to concentrate their efforts in 2024 on neighborhoods with greater crime rates.

Additionally, he revealed a brand-new project dubbed “Eyes on the Rock.” Businesses that collaborate with the LRPD to offer camera access to the real-time crime center will receive support and signage from the city.

The mayor added that 59% of new jobs in Arkansas in 2023 were created in Little Rock.

He plans to extend the summer youth employment program year-round and showcase minority-owned firms with an online map to maintain this momentum.

Additionally, the mayor and Director Antwan Phillips have been collaborating to draft a city policy that will give code enforcement greater authority to hold landlords responsible for their properties.

“It breaks my heart that residents of our great city are paying rent, but still have no running water, their places are infested with roaches, and sick of black mold. Enough is enough,” Mayor Scott explained.

In addition, the mayor announced new advantages for staff members, such as paid paternity leave and pay on demand, which allows you to receive your earned city salary ahead of schedule.


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