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The number of students attending Joe T. Robinson High School has significantly increased



Pulaski County, Arkansas – New students have arrived at Joe T. Robinson High School for the new academic year.

According to Jay Pickering, the high school’s principal, there were 573 kids enrolled there in 2018, but this year there are 870.

Pickering expressed his pride in the growth.

“Last year we were at 783 so we have almost had a 100 student enrollment just from a one year change,” said Pickering.

Pickering called the institution a “melting pot.”

“We have a wide variety of students who are just absolutely wonderful. It is a snapshot of what America really is and what Arkansas really is. It is not an all-African-American school. It is not an all-white school. It is not an all-rich school, an all-poor school. It allows all of our students to understand what life really is,” said Pickering.

Less space is available, nevertheless, as student enrolment increases.

The gym currently only has room for one art class, but Pickering promised that eventually there will be more room.

“Two years ago, the public so graciously extended our bond issue and we have plans to build more classrooms within the Joe T. Robinson area. Matter of fact, right out front,” said Pickering.


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