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The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile visits Little Rock to aid with the state’s fight against food insecurity



Little Rock, Arkansas – As food prices continue to rise, a nationwide company is working to help feed families in Arkansas.

The fact that Arkansas is currently the second-most food-insecure state in the country was a major factor in Oscar Mayer’s decision to travel to the nation’s capital.

With automobiles parked in each space, it appears to be a typical parking lot, but as you look to your left, something unexpected appears.

“Welcome to the Wienermobile,” driver of the Oscar Mayer hotdog truck, Jacob Patrick or “Jumbo Dog Jacob” said.

A 27-foot hot dog on wheels. “It’s like one of those things bucket-list things you have to do, you have to check it off,” resident of Little Rock, Barlow Brenner said.

There are six Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles throughout the country, including this one.

“We are in the south region for the first half of the year, so it’s a lot of Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, a whole lot of fun, and a whole lot of different parts of the state,” Patrick said.

However, a halt in the Capital City is more than simply a chance for a picture. Instead, a chance to assist individuals who are having difficulty feeding themselves.

“Arkansas is the second most food-insecure state in the nation so that was something that didn’t sit well with me and I really wanted to find a way to give back to the community so why not do it with a 27-foot-long hotdog,” another driver of the Wienermobile, Beth Lynn or “Bologna Beth” said.

In order to gather donations that will be donated to people who need them most, the team is collaborating with the Arkansas Food Bank.

“Boxes and boxes and boxes of can,” Patrick stated.

“It’s a surreal feeling, I love it. it’s just like we see so many people every day, we do a lot of different fun events, but there are moments when we can give back and take advantage of these opportunities and this is my way of giving back to the community wherever I’m going,” Lynn said.

Tomorrow morning, the team is anticipated to deliver their supplies to the Arkansas Food Bank.

According to “Jumbo Dog Jacob,” driving the Wienermobile is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; hence, more people have traveled to space than have operated the hotdog truck.

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