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The people of Little Rock band together to spread the message: “Stop the violence”



Little Rock, Arkansas – The residents of John Barrow joined forces on Saturday to support peace in remembrance of loved ones who lost their lives due to acts of violence.

Jackie Smith suffered the loss of a loved one due to violence.

“In a drive-by an interaction, he was shot and killed,” Smith said.

Trammell Shelton, Jackie Smith’s godson, died in a violent accident.

“It’s not the same, it’s never going to be the same without him,” Smith said.

Shelton was a well-known member of the community, and now they are honoring him by encouraging people to put an end to violence.

“This is what we do, and this is how we give back, and everybody here, and this is what we’re standing for,” Smith said.

Smith believes this is a good event that demonstrates community unity because it has bouncy houses and t-shirts and encourages interaction between the police and the community.

Local resident Nigel Caffey explained that the purpose of the event was to promote neighborliness.

“It’s been a lot of loved ones lost, but we here with family friends, and loved ones, enjoying this day,” Caffey said.

And that their hopes to put an end to violence are only getting started.

“We are in talks of doing different things of getting police in the community kind of working together, and interacting together,” Caffey said.

According to Ward 6 City Director Andrea Lewis, fostering positive relationships is another goal of the event.

“So, we can come together so when a tragedy happens, we’re feeling it just like you’re feeling it when there a celebration going on, we all want to celebrate together,” Lewis said.

Smith says, “This is a day he would have wanted,” recalling her godson because it demonstrates the positive energy in their community.

“It’s a day of peace, happiness, love, interactions with each other and family,” Smith said.

They express excitement about what lies ahead. In an effort to curb the violence, they are striving to have more days set aside for locals to engage with law officers and city officials.


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