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The Quorum Court of Saline County rejects the Arkansas Abortion Amendment



Saline County, Arkansas – The Saline County Quorum Court voted a resolution on Monday night stating their opposition to the Arkansas Abortion Amendment.

People on both sides of the aisle spoke their thoughts on this during public discussion. Some argued that the court shouldn’t spend tax resources on a resolution that only expresses their viewpoint, while others supported adopting the position.

“We have the right to assemble, we have the right to petition, and we have the right to have our voices heard,” said Saline County Resident Brittany Smith.

“I have the utmost confidence in this court and I thank you for considering this resolution,” said Saline County Resident Bob Vitt.

Several people approached the platform to voice their thoughts regarding a resolution that the Saline County Quorum Court had proposed.

The court’s opposition to the proposed Arkansas Abortion Amendment is stated in the resolution.

In 2021, the county court adopted a pro-life resolution, adopting a similar position.

“Yes, we are using our platform to promote what we personally believe in this instance and I don’t see anything wrong with that,” said Saline County Justice of the Peace Rick Bellinger.

A ballot initiative called the Arkansas Abortion Amendment is still gathering signatures around the state.

The right to an abortion up to eighteen weeks after conception would be safeguarded under the amendment. Additionally, there are exclusions for mother’s health, severe fetal abnormalities, rape, and incest.

The ballot amendment is being sponsored by the organization Arkansans for Limited Government.

The ballot title has been approved by the Attorney General. The group now needs to gather over 90,000 signatures before Arkansans may decide at the polls.

“We don’t believe the state should be making those decisions for families and for doctors and we are trying to keep politicians out of the exam room,” said Samuel Watson with the petition group.

Although the petition’s organizers claim to have hundreds of volunteers out gathering signatures, they do not currently have an exact or current tally of the number of signatures.

For the Secretary of State to consider including them on the ballot, they must obtain those signatures by July.



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