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The Riverside School District celebrated its newly active solar array



Caraway, Arkansas – In order to reduce costs, a school district has “flipped the switch” and become energy efficient.

On Tuesday, The Riverside School District celebrated its newly active solar array. The panels are located on-site at East Elementary School.

According to a news release, the project was a partnership between Little Rock-based Entegrity, who together designed and installed the array that would offset 95% of Riverside’s total consumption and save them about $1.5 million over the project’s lifetime.

“By deciding to build a solar array, we have found a way to reduce facility costs while being good stewards,” Superintendent Jeff Priest said. “Having this array on school grounds provides students and faculty access to unique learning opportunities and garners the importance of promoting energy efficiency in our community.”

“This project will allow the school to invest in their facilities, students, and staff for years to come,” Integrity regional director Rick Vance said. “By incorporating student education and energy efficiency in an initiative that also improves the district’s budget, Riverside proves itself as a true leader in the community.”


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