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The salaries of law enforcement and emergency personnel raised in Benton



Benton, Arkansas – Benton is the most recent city in Arkansas to increase compensation for public safety workers in order to compete with other municipalities for qualified applicants.

The law for the pay increase was approved by the city council during the meeting on Monday night.

The initial beginning wage for both departments will be 51,000 dollars, and in the year 2027, that number will increase to 57,000 dollars.

Benton Police Chief Scotty Hodges noted that this move is a game changer and that the goal is to become more competitive in recruiting and retaining staff. He said that the decision is a game changer because it changes the game.

“On top of that we have incentives: education pay, certificate pay, paramedic pay, bilingual pay,” said Chief Hodges.
Benton Fire Chief Russell Evans described a “pay scale war” happening right now.

“Continually losing employees to other municipalities,” said Chief Evans.

It’s possible that this raise in pay will make all the difference.

“It’s going to essentially put us in a position where people come looking for Benton,” Chief Evans, explained.

Immediately, this goes into effect, and the increase will be reflected in the employees’ salary beginning with the pay period that occurs in June.

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