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The weeklong mandatory emergency curfew is lifted in the City of Eudora



Eudora, Arkansas – There is no longer a required curfew in effect in the Arkansas city of Eudora.

The spike in shootings over the previous few weeks led to the curfew being implemented on December 27.

The civil emergency curfew, which had been imposed for the safety and security of the people of Eudora, was lifted at six in the morning on January 3.

On Christmas Eve alone, there were a number of shootings reported.

The obligatory curfew, according to the city, helped control the violence in the neighborhood.

In a recent statement, the city of Eudora said: “The safety of all citizens will always be on the forefront and the main concern of our citizens.”

A few arrests were made over the week, according to the city, but they were unrelated to the deaths.

The city announced that additional information on the civil emergency curfew will be released in the coming weeks.

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