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Theft targets trucking firms, and surveillance footage suggests potential suspects



Jonesboro, Arkansas – America needs truckers to keep things moving, but they have a hard time doing it without tires on the trucks.

In a police report submitted to the Jonesboro Police Department on Tuesday night, it is claimed that a group of criminals stole 25 18-wheeler tires from two nearby companies.

Having worked in the field for more than 20 years, Curtis Capps, Tag Trucking’s general manager, claims that this is nothing new.

That evening, 17 tires from Tag Trucking were stolen.

“It makes us furious. It does not matter how great surveillance is, video cameras only keeps an honest man honest,” said Capps.

The suspects were pulling a trailer with more than a dozen stolen truck tires while operating a white SUV.

Capps claimed that the alleged crooks loaded the tires and puffed them up in less than 60 seconds.

“So, whomever these thieves are doing this they know where to go and they know how to do it,” said Capps.

Since Tag Trucking primarily functions as a maintenance facility, some of the vehicles’ tires were stolen, and it was estimated that replacing them would cost at least $10,000.

“Downtime to a trucking company is huge, you are looking at three to four thousand a day losses while waiting to put tires back on the trucks,” said Capps.

It can take some time to get everyone back in business, according to Dwayne Johnson, who spends his day assisting truckers in getting back on the road.

“It will take a couple of weeks to get everything situated and get the customers what they need,” said Johnson, a mechanic at Tag Trucking.

There have been more instances of this crime at Tag Trucking.

“Our location in Memphis has been hit and our location in Tupelo has been hit,” said Capps.

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