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This holiday season, a Little Rock shelter fed hundreds of people, highlighting the need for volunteers



Little Rock, Arkansas – As we approach the new year, the Little Rock Compassion Center is urging more Arkansans to consider volunteering.

The Compassion Center’s pastor and CEO, William Holloway, expressed gratitude to the people of Arkansas for enabling the organization to assist in feeding about 1,000 individuals throughout the holiday season.

According to Holloway, many families have financial difficulties during the holidays since certain jobs close over the Christmas season, leaving workers without a salary.

There’s always a great need in this area because so many people are either working for minimum wage or they’re only working part-time,” he said.

Even though they were able to feed people over the holidays, Holloway pointed out that volunteers are still needed.

“We are right now in need of people wanting to teach the Bible,” he said. “People that want to teach other people how to work, get a job, and how to be successful.”

Other volunteer options, according to Holloway, include greeting guests, helping in the clothes department, and serving meals.

A lot of times homeless people don’t have anybody to talk to. They don’t have anybody to respond to them or even take an interest in them,” he said. “So they just remain homeless.”

Ultimately, Holloway asserted that anyone may experience homelessness.

It takes a death or maybe a loss of job or separation in a family,” he said. “Just a variety of things can happen to somebody that can make them homeless overnight.”

Call (501) 296-9114 to reach the LRCC about volunteer opportunities.


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