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This month, AR women get together to raise awareness of domestic violence



Little Rock, Arkansas – During Domestic Violence Awareness Month, supporters in Arkansas are fervently conveying a message of hope.

This past weekend, a group of local ladies banded together to provide distinctive support for victims of domestic abuse.

Women from various walks of life came together as part of the Aim for Change campaign to promote activism, showing support for those impacted by domestic abuse.

“All the empowerment… And the love and support and the kindness that was shared here today… I love the way we came together to support each other on this change… And how we networked with one another,” R and R Estates, CEO, Rosalyn Renell said.

The Melanin Land, a local non-profit that empowers women, partnered with the Fab Firearms Academy to provide women with a platform to discuss their experiences with domestic violence and acquire self-defense skills.

“We just wanted to get women together and let them know that they have a community… They have a support system, and we are teaching a firearms safety class here on site… So we are encouraging women to look into self-defense and know that they have options beyond just dealing with abuse,” Fab Firearms Academy, Owner, Desstoni Johnson said.

A percentage of the revenue is contributed to the March for Black Women and Girls organization, even though domestic violence affects both men and women equally. Arkansas is among the states with the worst rates of domestic violence against women.

“We also provide resources, yearlong, so our initiative provides housing, food, and information on childcare. Whatever it is. Whatever resource is going to help you not become a statistic… Not become one of those numbers… We’re here to help you,” March for Black Women and Girls, Founder, Coffy Davis said.

Soon, the Aim For Change photography campaign will be active on social media, extending its reach and promoting education about domestic violence.

“One of the phrases that we have on the board, says…; I am my sister’s keeper’, and it just lets you know that there are people here ready to support you. Even if you’re not my blood sister. I’m your keeper,” The Melanin Land, Founder, Drekkia Writes said. “The first step is just being brave enough to go out there and ask for help… And it may be hard, and it may be difficult. By no means am I trying to make it seem like it’s an easy situation because a lot of times it is very hard,” Writes added.

The women pledged to keep advocating for victims of domestic abuse who come forward as well as those who fight it quietly.

There will be a free gun safety course with information on staying safe the next weekend.

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