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Townhomes in Maumelle flooded by strong storms; cleanup is now underway



Little Rock, Arkansas – As the aftermath of Thursday night’s storm continues to be revealed, cleanup is underway in Maumelle after two apartment complexes experienced flooding during the severe weather.

Dozens of residents at the Windsor Park Townhomes have been left without transportation after the flooding, and some without a home.

Kendra Seward was displaced after she and her children had to be rescued by Maumelle first responders during the flood.

“My dad actually came here to get me and my two kids but as he was walking through the water kind of got to his waist and he said I’m not able to come get you. He was like… ‘You’re going to have to… They’re going to have to come get you on a boat.’ It was warming to know we had some people out here that were willing to come out here during that time to come help us,” Seward said.

In totality, flooding has left rows of damaged cars and 28 townhomes undergoing home repair.

“It’s unexpected, especially financially for several. If you look around here, several people out here are without vehicles… they’re having to maintain people’s houses. It’s just kind of… It’s an unfortunate situation,” Seward said.

Law enforcement, tree removal, and clean-up services have been onsite the past two days as well as the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

The city of Maumelle said in a post on social media:

Our hearts go out to those impacted in Maumelle by the recent storm and flood. We stand with you during this challenging time. If you or someone you know needs assistance, please reach out to American Red Cross Arkansas at 1-800-red-cross. Remember to contact your insurance company to start the process for disaster claims if your home or vehicle is affected.

Windsor Park Townhomes is expected to make an official statement in the coming days.


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