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Train and semi-trailer miss by just inches in Conway



Conway, Arkansas – At the crossing of Mill and Parkway streets in Conway, a close call Tuesday morning after a large semi-truck got stuck at a railroad crossing – with a train quickly headed its way.

According to Conway Police say just before 8:00 a.m., a semi-trailer carrying cars tried to cross the tracks but got stuck at the highest point. A Union Pacific train was heading that way but was able to stop just in the knick of time.

The two were only a few feet away from each other but never crashed, and no one got hurt.

Jamie Davis was just starting her shift at Patticakes downtown when the stall happened. She didn’t know anything unusual was happening until she headed outside, she said.

“We have a delivery van that we use to go to our other location, and it was about that time where I had to move it from the front of the building to the back,” Davis remembered, “I came around the side of the building, and I was like, oh, ok, that’s what’s going on!”

According to Davis, she initially thought the train had hit the trailer but realized soon afterward that they were just inches apart, and the two never even touched.

“That thing was stopped right against it,” she said.

It took about an hour for police to get a tow truck and clear the tracks, and a witness says they heard the cars were safely delivered to their destination.

Only a few months ago, a similar incident happened in the city, with a trailer traveling over tracks not necessarily meant to deal with a truck of that size, David added.

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