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UAMS offering a program to assist females “face puberty with greater confidence”



Little Rock, Arkansas – The well-liked Girlology puberty session will resume, according to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

The Jackson T. Stephens Spine & Neurosciences Institute’s auditorium on the 12th floor will host the event on March 12 from 2-4:30 p.m.

Attendees will get knowledge about growth and development, bras and bra purchasing, hygiene and hair care, nutrition and growth, menstruation and menstrual hygiene, respect for oneself and others, moods, and emotions, online safety, and curiosity, according to a news release from UAMS.

The 2.5-hour course will be taught by UAMS medical professionals from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, including chair and associate professor Nirvana Manning, associate professor Laura Hollenbach, and assistant professor Kathryn Stambough, who practices pediatric and adolescent gynecology at Arkansas Children’s.

“Puberty can be a scary time, and often parents and guardians don’t know the best way to talk to their children about it. Our goal is to have physicians provide medically accurate information, create a shared experience and keep the lines of communication open in the future,” said Manning.

The event will cost $30, according to UAMS, but there are scholarships available.

Visit for additional information or to register for the event.

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