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Unbelievable footage captured by a woman in Little Rock shows a wandering bear



Little Rock, Arkansas – On Monday, residents of west Little Rock reported seeing many black bears, true to the state’s nickname.

For now, as of Monday night, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission believes the bear is still loose in the region.

AGFC had received reports of sightings near Anthony School, South Rodney Parham Road, and the Leawood community.

Over fifty thousand people have seen a single video of Rodney Parham that was filmed at midday. When Nichole McClinton first watched the footage, she stated she could not believe what she was seeing.

“I’ve seen bears. I’ve seen different animals out while I was camping when I was younger, but not in the middle of the city. So, it was like, I thought I was seeing things at first, but it is pretty much like pure shock,” McClinton said.

Shutting the door and reaching for her phone was her first impulse.

“He kind of stopped right here, and I was like yeah, no. I’m not getting out, I thought Momma was right behind him,” McClinton added.

According to Arkansas Game and Fish, they are monitoring sightings. Coordinator of large carnivore programs Myron Means says he’s almost positive the bear is a boy who got chased out of his mother’s den. It occurs in April, May, and June like clockwork.

“They’re not street-smart. They just end up making a wrong turn somewhere,” Means explained.

Means estimates that based on films he’s watched, this bear is 50–65 pounds in weight and between 12 and 18 months old. By dusk, the agency intends to make its way out of town without incident.
Unless the bear finds itself stranded in a community without a clear way out, AGFC will not tranquilize and relocate it. He suggests keep your distance from it since it doesn’t seem dangerous.

“The worst thing this bear could do at this point is run out in front of a car and cause an accident,” Means said.

Means thinks the bear is probably searching for an easy meal because it is terrified and hot. He cautions against picking up trash outside of a container or leaving pet food outside.

With well over 50,000 views on her video, McClinton claimed to be looking over her shoulder and to have spotted a large number of other people were doing the same.

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