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Unclaimed Property Program URL change announced by the Arkansas auditor



Little Rock, Arkansas – Auditor of State Dennis Milligan declared on Unclaimed Property Day that the Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt, the state’s unclaimed property program, is relocating its website.

According to Milligan, the website will now have greater legitimacy as a result of the name change.

“Today, on National Unclaimed Property Day, I am announcing that we are moving our website from to,” Auditor of State Dennis Milligan said. “We believe this will add a layer of comfort and legitimacy for Arkansans when they are filing their claims.”

A news release states that when someone moves or passes away, their property gets abandoned. The property in question may consist of cash, securities, mineral revenues, or tangible goods that are sent to the state auditor’s office.

The auditor is required by law to make an effort to reunite citizens with their unclaimed property.

According to Milligan, giving one’s Social Security number is a requirement of the claims process, and many have voiced doubts about the legality of the existing website.

“We’ve heard from many Arkansans who are hesitant to provide sensitive information on the Internet,” Milligan said. “So we get a lot of ‘Is this legitimate?’ or ‘Is this a scam?’ questions. By changing our website URL to end in .gov,’ we hope to instill more trust in our program while also keeping with the current brand.”

The state’s unclaimed property database can be searched by going to the new website. According to Milligan, there is no cost for citizens to search or file claims with the state.



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