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Useful tips for staying safe during severe weather



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Before the next storm system moves through, it’s good to know how best to stay safe. Depending on the situation, safety plans could be drastically different.

Craighead County Emergency Management Director Anthony Coy provided several tips for staying safe in various situations.

“Everyone approaches severe weather differently. In our part of the world, especially with the spring, we’ve had and the past two years, people have storm anxiety right now. That’s a real thing. You’re the only one who can take the first step in making sure you’re prepared,” Coy said.

According to him, if you find yourself indoors during severe weather:

• Go to the lowest floor possible
• Put as many walls between yourself and the outside as you can
• Avoid areas where items could fall on you
• Cover your head

If you live in an upstairs apartment, see if you can shelter with a downstairs neighbor. If that’s not an option, go to the innermost room of the apartment and follow the other steps above. If the apartment building has an internal stairwell, that may be the best option.

If you’re out on the road during severe weather:

• Never pull over on the side of the road, as you then pose a risk to other drivers
• Never park under an overpass
• Instead, find a parking lot or similar open area to stop
• In an emergency situation, exit your vehicle, find the lowest ground possible, and lay flat while covering your head until the storm passes

The most important is to never leave your home to shoot photos or videos of the storms. Instead, spend that time assessing the best way to stay safe in your particular situation.


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