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Victorious journey by an Arkansas advocate encourages others



Arkansas – A guy tells the tale of how his hardships shaped him into the champion for Arkansas that he is today.

Edmond W. Davis talked about overcoming hardship… and how other people can follow suit.

Edmond Davis had to deal with homelessness, a false feeling of security, and what appeared to be no hope 37 years ago.

“My parents hit a rough patch in our lives. I went from being a 4th grade student to failing 4th grade to dropping out of the 4th grade to sleeping at the train station, Clear District Train Station in Philadelphia to being homeless,” Davis said.

With a resolve to alter his past, Davis returned to school, completed his master’s degree early from Grambling University, and is currently a mentor, motivational speaker, and history professor at Arkansas Baptist College. not just telling his tale within the state but also nationwide.

“Regardless of what you’re going through… Whether you’re homeless. If you’re a student at a college or whether you’re homeless in 4th grade… Your mom and dad are going through some uncomfortable or unpleasant situations,” Davis said. “Right now, it’s an inspirational story. I want to help inspire youth and young adults to look at the glass as half full and not half empty,” He added.

According to Davis, having supportive role models, creative outlets, social-emotional intelligence, and plan-making skills were essential to his success.

“That’s part of that grinding and of course which of course growth where we are now,” Davis said.

He thought back to the times when a public bench was the only thing that gave him stability. Grateful for his transformation.

“The emotional trauma and the embarrassment. I held that in, but I want to make sure that I turn that pain into my present purpose,” Davis said.

Davis intends to carry out his outreach by teaching young people how to react appropriately to adults, law enforcement, and themselves through his nonprofit organization, Aviate Through Knowledge and Respond-i-bility.


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