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Volunteers from the Sylvan Hills football team assist with cleanup after a tornado damages Sherwood



Sherwood, Arkansas – The Sylvan Hills football team is stepping up locally in the midst of the statewide effort to assist with the cleanup of harm caused by the tornadoes that passed through Arkansas last Friday. The Bears traveled to Sherwood on Monday and Tuesday to lend a helping hand. Sherwood was one of the towns that was most severely affected by the powerful EF3 tornado.

“We just want to give back to the community that supports us on Friday nights,” head coach and Sherwood native Jason Houle told our Nick Walters. “Help any way we can whether it’s trash, trees, whatever it could be.”

Bears players and coaches traveled from place to place looking for ways to help, carrying truckloads full of water bottles and items like paper towels for the less fortunate. The team has assisted ruined properties to start the process of being rebuilt by disassembling and moving fallen trees and other debris while using chainsaws and some sheer force.

“You don’t even know them but you go to your neighbor and you help them out,” Houle said. “That’s what it’s all about… I hate that it’s a tragedy like this for that to happen but it’s a way for us to get out and be a blessing to the community.”

“We want to be able to have fans come out to our games so we want to help them,” junior offensive guard Jaden White said. “They’re in need of financial support. We’re just trying to help them get back on their feet and get back to normal.”

“Coach Houle texted me to get all the seniors out here and we got to work,” senior offensive tackle, Harding University signee Josh Lawrence said. “It’s just great to help the community out and show them that we are a brotherhood and we’re willing to help anybody out.”

The last two days saw about 25 Sylvan Hills players, ranging in age from sophomores to seniors who will graduate, and participate in volunteer work. To learn more about why the crew felt motivated to spend their mornings helping strangers and cleaning up their community, watch our full story.

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