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Walmart increase private brand investment for home, fashion



Little Rock, Arkansas – After the supply chain disruption that forced changes in shopping behavior amid the pandemic, shoppers have never been more open to trying private brands for consumer staples.

According to Market research firm eMarketer, consumer attitudes about private brands have done an about-face in the past few years.

The eMarketer survey found that consumers look for values against rising product costs and out-of-stocks. More shoppers see private brands as a viable option in categories like fashion and home decor. Retailers from Walmart to Dollar General and Bed Bath & Beyond are investing more into private brands in higher-margin categories like apparel and home decor.

“Retailers have been ramping up quality, creating enticing packaging, and enhancing marketing for their in-house brands. Together, these developments make private label offerings a more important part of retailers’ strategies,” the report notes.

According to Charles Redfield, the chief merchandising officer at Walmart U.S., the retail giant’s foray into more chic fashion private label offerings is different from past efforts.

“Walmart will always be a place where shoppers can buy basics, but we believe Walmart can also provide fashion at a value whether it’s for date night or a home makeover,” Redfield said during a recent media tour during the company’s shareholder week.

Walmart surveyed customers and took their feedback to heart, he said. Then the retailer sought the best partners to help achieve top-notch private brands that resonate with today’s value-conscious consumers.

Walmart is showcasing the new Love & Sports active brand for women and a new home decor brand called Thyme & Table, at Walmart Store No. 4108 in Springdale.


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