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War Memorial Stadium flooded with thousands of people



Little Rock, Arkansas – War Memorial Stadium was flooded with thousands of people in blue and maroon shirts for the annual Salt Bowl on Saturday night.

This is known as Arkansas’ largest high school football game.

“It’s an experience like non-other,” said Bryant fan, Curtis Woods.

According to Benton fan, Tadd Farmer, “there is no game like it around the country, so you will see games on ESPN that will draw a big crowd but it is nothing compared to the salt bowl”.

This game was projected to have one of its largest attendance, estimating 30,000 people. “I didn’t even know Saline county had 30,000 people until you get here. Man, I get here and I see everybody from the Benton side the Bryant side and it’s just amazing to see all everybody from Saline County coming together for a good game,” stated Woods.

According to Farmer, this season feels a little more routine. “It feels good to be back normal somewhat, no covid around here so, it’s awesome,” stated Farmer.

Saline County is a big family, Fans from Benton and Bryant said. “We all fellowship before the game. that’s the best part about this is the actual fellowship of it. and everybody’s excited,” said Woods.

Except for this one night. “This is like the only day of the year when people are mad at each other. We will both sit on our own sides to cheer against each other, but then tomorrow everybody will go back to being, we will go to church together and we will see each other in town and it will be back to normal,” stated Farmer.


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