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Warren family wants answers after 8-year-old son was burned



Warren, Arkansas – Nearly two months after suffering serious burns, an 8-year-old kid from Warren is making a full recovery in the hospital, and his family is now looking for answers about what exactly happened.

Jayceon Charles, a third-grader, was at a friend’s house on August 9 with intentions to visit Magic Springs the following day, but the next day found him battling for his life in the hospital.

Lakiesha Belin and Justin Charles, Jayceon’s parents, claim that he suffered burns while staying at a friend’s residence on Bradley County Road in Warren. There, hot dogs were being roasted, and that’s when a fire started. When we arrived at the other family’s house, nobody answered the door.

“My biggest fear is that my child might not be the same person that he was at first,” said Belin.

Jayceon has undergone numerous surgeries, experienced kidney failure, brain damage, kidney failure, and even two cardiac arrests since the tragedy.

“It’s just a rough situation seeing him lying in the hospital bed like he is,” said Jayceon’s father.

Belin claims that she and Charles went home as soon as they learned about the incident.

Jayceon’s family, according to Belin, didn’t call the police, and she herself drove him to the hospital. The family is perplexed as to why help from the authorities wasn’t summoned in this situation.

Jayceon’s grandfather, Earl Charles, claims he quickly called the police to launch an investigation.

“So many people dropped the ball that should be held accountable,” said the grandfather.

The family claims that investigators haven’t contacted them in nearly two months.

Arkansas State Police announced on Thursday that they will be handling the investigation.

The concern for the family is that “they may have lost some important evidence with it being this long.”

The Bradley County Prosecuting Attorney will receive the agents’ findings after their investigation is complete, according to the ASP. “We just gone keep the faith that he turns out alright and he returns back to the normal Jayceon,” his father said.

The family expresses gratitude to the Warren neighborhood for all of its assistance during this difficult time.

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