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With its booze delivery services, LR Business hopes to reduce the number of drunken driving incidents



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Fourth of July is a time for fun, food, and family gatherings, but drinking and driving incidents are on the rise this time of year, according to the Arkansas State Police.

The popularity of booze delivery services has increased during the past three years. One Little Rock company explained how their mission is to provide a service that allows ease and safety.

One of the few liquor stores in Pulaski County that offers delivery and curbside service is Colonial Wines & Spirits.

In 2021, ACT 703—which enabled certain companies to sell mixed drinks in sealed containers—became a permanent statute. The Arkansas Beverage Control established a few rules, one of which prohibits distribution by third-party delivery firms. Customers can only get a mixed drink to go if they also place an order for food, and dry counties are not eligible for this service.

“Adults with developmental disabilities that aren’t able to drive we are happy to deliver to them as well,” he said.

In addition to being convenient, Kotoun claimed that their delivery service also aims to prevent people from driving after drinking.

“We absolutely hope that we cut back, we never want to incentivize drinking and driving, and we never want somebody to feel like they’re in the position, but we always have that service,” Kotoun said.

The Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation estimates that drunk drivers were involved in more than 13,000 fatal motor vehicle collisions in 2021. This figure represents 31% of all road fatalities in the nation.
In addition to the Fourth of July being one of their busiest holidays of the year, Kotoun stressed the importance of drinking wisely.

“I would say Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve are gonna be the top three, absolutely fourth of July, and believe it or not Halloween has become a pretty big holiday for adults,” he said.

Kotoun said that they individually train their two full-time drivers before sending them out on deliveries.

This holiday season, the Arkansas State Police want to let drivers know that they will stop and jail drunk drivers. The ASP suggests these risk-free alternatives to driving after drinking: Plan to take public transit or a ride service to get home safely, or designate a sober driver. Call 9-1-1 if you encounter a drunk motorist on the road. If you are aware of someone who is intending to drive or ride a motorcycle while intoxicated, assist them in finding alternative transportation to their destination. Always use a seatbelt. Your best line of defense against a drunk driver is your seatbelt.

Visit for more information about impaired driving, or call the Arkansas Highway Safety Office at (501) 618-8136. Visit to learn more about Arkansas’ ongoing Toward Zero Deaths initiative to end avoidable highway fatalities.

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