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Wynne man charged with manslaughter after deadly crash



Arkansas – A man from Wynne is charged with murder after he crashed into a group of people.

Arkansas state police said that Devonte Stanback, was in a pursuit on Jan. 1 by the officers when the crashed happened in the 3800 block of Harrisburg Road near Central Baptist Church. Julianna Valle, 21, of Farmington was killed in the crash. Stanback, Darian Nauden, 24, of Conway and two children were also injured.

Police also recovered a bag with marijuana in it, which was thrown from Stanback’s car during the pursuit.

Stanback was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter, battery-2nd degree (certain victims under 12 years of age), battery-2nd degree, two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor-1st degree, possession of schedule VI with intent to deliver, tampering with physical evidence, fleeing and failure to obey traffic control devices.

On Thursday, he was held in the Craighead County jail.

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